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Optometry Front Desk Management

The front reception area in an office is the first thing that patients encounter – it is a busy intersection where health care workers and patients interact. Optometry Front Desk Management is a technical manual and a training tool to provide not only instruction on what to do at the front desk but we help the reader understand why it's done. We include numerous scripts used in our office every day.

Filing and Managing Insurances

Medical Optometric Care is a comprehensive insurance guide for the optometry office. Included with Optometry Front Desk Management is an insurance section giving an overview of the coding, billing, claim filing, remit processing, and payment accounting for the front desk.   

It is an excellent teaching tool for helping the front desk staff understand the world of insurance and how to navigate that world confidently and effectively. 

We discuss managing personality types.

The front desk can be busy and hectic on the best of days and we see a broad spectrum of interesting personalities every day. We discuss how we take different approaches to managing different people with different styles of telling us about their different issues.  :)  

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